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I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but we’ve been back from our China trip for months now and It’s taken me some time to get back on here and write. Maybe due to a lack of inspiration, or lack of making time. But it feels good to be in this space again.

Alright, waaayyyy back in July (the 28th to be exact) Colin and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. That’s right folks, 5 whole years of marital bliss! That makes a total of 9 years together. It’s crazy to write it down and put it into words. It feels like just yesterday we were dating and getting to know each other and having all those new relationship feels…and now fast forward a few years and BAM marriage, house, baby, love and celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. WOW! and wow in a good way ❤ I mean, don’t get me wrong – marriage takes work. It take two to tango! We’ve had our ups and downs, that’s for sure, and we have our daily scwabbles, but I have to admit, we make a really great team. He’s totally my guy, and I am so proud to be his wife, his partner, his life-long mate. Not to mention I’m still crazy attractive to him 😉   OKAY OKAY I’LL STOP. Its getting too mushy…..

Colin and I wanted to do something big and fun to celebrate, but we’ve never been really big into gift giving…even on Christmas we exchange only socks and slippers! (Haha oh so romantic, I know!) We are way more interested in putting our money into experiences and things we can do together. Whether its jumping in the car and taking a road trip, or jumping on an airplane – its totally our thing! Something we value as a couple and now as a family. So what better way to celebrate than by going to …CHINA!

People thought we were nuts choosing China out of all the places in the world, which was shocking to me, especially in hindsight. I think mostly because we were bringing Ada with us – two weeks away from her would have hurt my ‘mommy heart’. But there was a little method behind our madness on choosing this beautiful place. One of my Mom’s first cousins and her family lives in Macau. They have been generously offering us to come and visit for years, and Colin and I just couldn’t wait another year and let this opportunity go untouched any longer. So back in April we secured our plane tickets for all three of us to go! First stop Macau…

More on Macau in my next post!! Stay tuned!

xoxo Andrea


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  1. Amanda says:

    Love your wedding pictures! Beautiful dress.

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