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Daddy and his baby girl, evening walks
Baby girl, all smiles

We are really missing this handsome guy right now. It’s been almost a week since he left for work again, and not only do our hearts yearn for him, our house does too 😉 (He’ll know what I mean when he reads this hahaha)

I’m writing this post because I want to be open and honest. I don’t feel like I owe anyone any kind of explanation and this is not a cry out for pity.  I write on here because I find it very therapeutic and I’ve enjoyed being creative and journaling. I should start out by saying that Colin and I are very happily married! In fact we will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in just 9 days and absolutely cannot believe it has been that long already. Married for 5, together for 9 ❤ We even have an extremely fun and exotic trip in the works to celebrate it…September can’t come soon enough!

Colin is a very loving and doting father and partner, but for the past 10+ months, I have been a single parent 2/3rd’s of the time. Colin works in the oil field (literally, not figuratively) up in Fort McMurray, and his current job requires him to be away from us for 2 weeks at a time. It sucks! But he is working very hard to provide for his family. Not ‘ideal’ but we are making it work. 

The silver lining is that he gets one whole week off every two; One week where he can spend time with us, and totally take advantage of the time off. We’ve been lucky enough to have taken a ton of trips with this schedule (which is my absolute favorite – who doesn’t love a good adventure and to make memories?)

I am a very optimistic person and try and focus on the positives! This schedule won’t last forever…it just happens to be our right now. AND that doesn’t mean we love every minute of it. I can get pretty overwhelmed doing it all on my own! 

When Colin is away, Ada and I create our own routine; We find our groove. I started back at work a few months ago, working part-time, and she spends her days at either daycare or with my mom. When I am not working, I take advantage of my Ada-time, as well as spend time with family and also with friends. We are so lucky to feel the support of so many – including our insanely generous and loving neighbours! It really takes a village to raise a child and I am so lucky to have created such a great one.

My parents are insanely supportive too. My mom plays a major roll in Ada’s life and is always willing to give me a break – even if it’s for 20 minutes! Ada has had many sleepovers at her Oma and Opa’s house and just loves being there. I’m pretty darn lucky! 

We really do miss Colin when he’s gone though, and there are some days where I find it really hard to juggle it all, even with the support of everyone. It’s a lot – for example in the mornings when I’m trying to get us ready for work and daycare, or ‘school’ as we like to call it. Ada is just over 16 months old and soooooo busy. She isn’t the type to sit down and be consumed by one particular item for any length of time. She really likes stimulated play, facilitated by someone else (typically me), or being put in a group of people, or other children. Trust me, I’d love nothing more to put her down in front of the T.V. for a few minutes in the mornings so I can brush my hair, put make-up on and get breakfast underway!

And then there is night time, after I put Ada to bed and the house gets suuuuuuuper quiet. I miss my partner-in-crime, my right-hand man, my Netflix buddy!

Although, above all, it’s Colin who gets the shortest end of the stick. He’s the one that’s away, working hard and long shifts. He’s the one missing out on all the action back home. He misses his girls, just as much as we miss him…maybe even more. 

But I know he is extremely proud. He is proud of me for keeping it all together (if that’s what you call it), and he is proud of his little girl. He is able to be soooo present when he is home, leaving work at work, and I’m thankful for that! When Ada sees her Dada for the first time upon his return, she couldn’t be happier, and Colin knows it! He just lights up when Ada shows him her newest tricks and words. Those two have a special bond and it’s as if no time passes each and every time they are together. ❤

I missed a post on Father’s Day, so this is my attempt to make up for it… Thank you Colin for being everything to me and our little girl. You may not always be here physically, but you most definitely are in spirit…(and virtually – Thank God for FaceTime!) You are such an attentive and proud Dada and we miss you! Counting down the days…

xoxo Andrea

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