Matching outfits, mommy and me, old navyMatching outfits, mommy and me, old navyMatching outfits, mommy and me, old navyHappy Go Bliss - Matchy Matchy      .JPGMatching outfits, mommy and me, old navy


I just can’t help myself…I’ve always dreamt about having a daughter and wearing matching outfits! I found these (and a few others) at Old Navy. Old Navy rocks for doing the whole mama and me matchy thing, especially at their price point ❤ This print is so fun and I love a good jumpsuit! Also, Ada finally has enough hair for me to put in tiny little pig tails…but of course it’s a major fight to get even just one in. I’m slowly working on her and hope to win that battle one day. 

On one of our many, many walks in Scottsdale, we came across this building front and I just crushed over how cute it looked. The foliage and the white wall just had me! One morning while the boys were golfing, us girls walked to Arcadia Farms for breakfast and purposely walked by this corner to snap a few pictures. (Thanks Spense for your excellent camera work!)

Breakfast was lovely. We sat under this massive tree on the front patio and ate scones and other treats. It felt like we were in France…even the coffee was crazy strong! It was a wonderful breakfast spot, minus our crabby waitress. I think she was mad we requested the large, 6 person, picturesque table for only the 3 of us. But it wasn’t busy and we didn’t stay long. Oh well. 

I just love these shots with my little Ada Lou with the morning yellow sun hitting our faces. She is such a sweetie and so curious these days, but still loves to be held, like in these photos. She is so sassy, and loves to throw her head back, screaming out for attention and tickles. Her word-list is growing each day, which Colin and I can’t get over. These include Hi, Bye, Hello, Up-Up, Teacher, Teee-tooo (her way of saying thank you), Mama, Dada, tickle, and of course the all time favourite NOOOOO! (Insert major eye roll here)

Colin got home last Thursday from work and we just had the nicest week all together! On Saturday, Colin and I hosted an impromptu backyard BBQ! It turned out to be sooooo much fun! We had awesome tunes, really good food, amazing weather, and best of all, such great company! We live in the best neighbourhood and have made friends with most of our neighbours – it’s pretty special to have such fun and awesome people that live so close to you. Anyways, it was mostly neighbours that came over on Saturday night as well as family and our best friends (who lets face it, are totally family)! 

Of course it was Father’s Day on Sunday, which is so much fun to celebrate. The whole concept of Colin being a Dad is still so new to us and so special! But I’ll write more about that in another post…

The rest of the week we just took it easy and enjoyed each other’s company, while fitting in my day job, house work, and yada yada yada… 

Hope everyone’s week has gone well! Happy Fri-yay!

xoxo Andrea 


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  1. Wendelin McMahon says:

    you two look so cute. love your posts, you really make each event come alive.


  2. Andrea Jueong says:

    You two look adorable! Beautiful post and outfits! Happy weekend ‘


    1. happygobliss says:

      Thank you For giving it a read Andrea!! Hope you also have a fab weekend!


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