Happy Go Bliss - ScottsdaleHappy Go Bliss - Scottsdale TravelHappy Go Bliss - Scottsdale TravelHappy Go Bliss - Scottsdale Travel

Happy Go Bliss - Scottsdale Travel
My loves ❤
Happy Go Bliss - Scottsdale
Thanks Spense for snapping this one!

Happy Go Bliss - ScottsdaleHappy Go Bliss - ScottsdaleHappy Go Bliss - Scottsdale

Happy Go Bliss - Scottsdale Travel Baby smiles
She’s our little dare devil

Happy Go Bliss - ScottsdaleHappy Go Bliss - ScottsdaleHappy Go Bliss - Scottsdale

Happy Go Bliss - Scottsdale
I will forever steal kisses!

I’m still making my way through our Arizona pictures. We seriously just couldn’t help ourselves and took a ton on this trip. Our resort was so pretty and picture-perfect, it totally made us all feel like we had gone back in time. 

The Hotel Valley Ho first opened 60 years ago, and boy have they kept the charm. I mean check out the railings and even the grounds the layout. Spenser and I always talk about how we would have loved to have lived through this time period and after staying here we feel like we got a taste of it.

This was one of my favourite days of the trip. After all 5 of us walked to breakfast at Original ChopShop (I had my first acia bowl! Sooooo gooood), Spenser and I did a little boutique shopping while the boys patiently waited with Ada. We bought these really cool Billabong pants that I can’t wait to wear! All of us then walked back to the hotel, popping in and out of a few art galleries along the way. The rest of the day was spent by the pool and wandering the resort. It was so hot out, but relaxing to just chill and all be together. Sometimes its the most simple days that are the best days. This was one of them!

There was the coolest fountain behind the “quiet pool”. It was really just for decoration but Ada loved splashing around and climbing up it. We did that until one of the groundskeepers politely warned us about the high levels of chlorine and other chemicals they put in the fountain water. That was enough to scare me silly. Harsh chemicals on a baby’s sensitive skin does not sound cool! It was so hard to keep her away from it after that… arg. I almost wish he didn’t say anything. Ignorance is BLISS. 

I hope everyone had a good weekend! For us it was pretty low key. Colin is gone for work and Ada and I were actually super bored on Saturday. Kind of nice to have nothing to do every once in a while. It was a little rainy and kind of just blah so we hung around the house doing little bits here and there. Sunday was a lot more exciting as we went and visited some of our relatives and family-friends at my Opa’s Church’s 65 anniversary. Ada was loving all the attention! That girl sure knows how to please a crowd. 

xoxo Andrea

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  1. Love the photos! That pool looks amazing!


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