Happy Go Bliss - Perfect Red DressHappy Go BlissHappy Go Bliss -Happy Go BlissHappy Go Bliss

DRESS: Winners (brand Dalia, similar HERE) | SHOES: Zara (similar HERE) | LIP: Dior Matte (best ever!)

Sorry for the hiatus! I feel like the past 2 weeks have been so hectic. Spring is in full swing, and if I’m not at work, we are spending a ton of time outside. I’m so happy because we’ve dusted off our bikes and Colin attached our Thule RideAlong child bike seat to the back of mine! We found it for a crazy deal on Kijiji (I love it when we find deals). Ada and I have gone on many bike rides already and she’s loving it! I only panic when she falls asleep and her tiny little head with her big’ol helmet starts bobbing forward with her chin to her chest…even with the tilt all the way reclined. Anyone have any suggestions? Duck tape, bungee cord, etc.? KIDDING! But really? 

I also somehow found time last week to plant most of the flowers in my garden beds (still have a few more to chuck in the ground). Colin just finished with the rototiller last night – oh man are we behind on that front – but now I can finally plant my seeds. Last year I didn’t have it in me to plant a vegetable garden. I had a newborn (our little Ada), Colin went back to work, we planned on spending most of our summer at the lake… But come August and September, when everyone was harvesting and Ada was starting solids, man did I ever regret that decision. So this year, come hell or high water, I am planting that garden. I will again somehow make the time, even if I’m out there with the mosquitos at midnight. I LOVE fresh vegetables and there is something so cool about growing your own.

So about two weeks ago we celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday, or as he likes to put it, his 10th anniversary of his 50th!! Haha I don’t think he looks a day older than 50, so that works. As I was getting ready for the evening I stopped to pick up some flowers to make table bouquets and must have dropped the keys on the floor of my car while plucking Ada out of her car-seat in the back. I didn’t notice (of course) until I went fishing in the diaper bag for my wallet to pay for the flowers – it all goes into the same pocket. I had this pit in my stomach as I walked to my car and peered in the back window…low and behold my keys were staring back up at me. At that point I literally had 1 hour to be at the restaurant and had so much to do in between. My mom saved the day! She drove to my house, found the spare keys, came to me, and then offered to drive us all to the dinner (my brothers included)! Below is Ada and I taking numerous walks around the parking lot waiting patiently and keeping my nerves tamed 😉Happy Go Bliss by Andrea Bliss Veale

TOP: Old Madewell (similar HERE) | JEANS: FRAME | SHOES: Zara | SUNGLASSES: Stitches (similar HERE)| BACKPACK: TWELVElittle | STROLLER: Babyzen YOYO

We ended up only being 30 minutes late! Jeez…   We ate at the Hardware Grill. It was actually my first time – surprising because it’s such an Edmonton-go-to. It was fantastic. The food was awesome, the service amazing, and the ambiance was a perfect fit for our evening!

All that aside, I got to finally to wear this red number that I picked up at Winners only a couple of days beforehand. I’ve never been one to grab at the color red, but with the flounce at the bottom and on the sleeve, I couldn’t resist! I absolutely love this dress! I feel so beautiful in it and it makes me want to dance! Who doesn’t love a dress like that?

I’ve also come to realize I’m a huge Winners fan. I kind of love the thrill of the hunt. Some people hate it, but I love it! Not to mention how affordable some of the pieces are. I love a good deal 😉

Not pictured above are Ada, the birthday boy, and the rest of our fam. Because we were running behind, we had to sneak out in between courses and only had time to snap a few pictures. Also, the lighting was so terrible in the private room in the basement where the party was happening, so none of the pictures we took turned out. So sad when that happens… it was still a very memorable evening! Happy 60th Dad ❤

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Dad these days because he is currently hiking to Base Camp of Mt. Everest with my brothers right now. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a snap from our recent FaceTime! It’s been one of his biggest dreams and he is so proud to be achieving it! Stay safe up there guys.

xoxo Andrea

P.S. Anyone else notice how I point my right pointer finger in all of the photos above? I have to work on that haha!

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  1. Veronica N says:

    Absolutely in love with that red dress!! Looks gorgeous on ya xo
    ps. laughing about your finger comment. Something only you would notice


  2. Wendelin McMahon says:

    Hey sweet girl, love the dress for sure but those shoes are FABULOUS. You look so pretty. So cool that Dwight and the boys are sharing such a special adventure. Keep enjoying the sun and keep up the post. I’m loving them. Hugs


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