Happy Go Bliss - Bath TimeHappy Go Bliss - Mother's Day BrunchHappy Go Bliss - Mother's DayHappy Go Bliss - Mother's DayHappy Go Bliss - Mother's DayHappy Go Bliss - Mother's DayHappy Go Bliss - Mother's DayHappy Go Bliss - Mother's DayHappy Go Bliss - Mother's DayHappy Go Bliss - Mother's DayHappy Go Bliss - Mother's Day

ROMPER (similar HERE) | Ada: DRESS (similar HERE) | CARDIGAN (similar HERE)| SANDALS (cutest ever!)

We had such a nice Mother’s Day weekend!! Colin has been away for work and sadly missed out on the festivities. But he seemed to still shower me with love which was special. Ada was so sweet that morning when we got up. It was as if she knew she had to be on her best behaviour for Mommy! My mom, step-dad and brothers came to our house for a delicious brunch… made by yours truly! I made french toast with fresh home-made bread, ham and egg muffins, fried up some sausage, and we toasted with mimosas! Yum! 

I think my mom was tickled. We showered her with cards and flowers, and it was so nice to all be together. I mean look at her face in the photos above! My brother Kevin is taking some time off work right now, so to have him here for Mother’s Day was extra special. My mom had all three of her children around her, and I know that makes her happy! 

My brothers are hands-down in love with Ada. It is seriously so cute to watch them interact with her. They make her laugh the hardest. I love when her laughs are the ones from the depths of her belly :)! The boys basically do whatever she wants them to do and it’s so sweet to watch. I love you bros! You make the best uncles. ❤ 

Hope everyone is having a good week so far! 

xoxo Andrea 


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  1. Wendelin McMahon says:

    Hey Andrea, hope you are getting lots of awesome feed back on your blog. I know I am enjoying it.
    Big Hello to Audrey. All the pictures Andrea posts I can see the love and pride in your face. So happy for you. Hope you are doing well.


    1. happygobliss says:

      Thanks Wendy!! I’ve so enjoyed journaling!! Xo


  2. Aw wow sounds like a great Mother’s Day!!! You baby is so cute!!!



    1. happygobliss says:

      Thank you girl!! It was a fantastic Mother’s Day! Such a special time 😘

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