Happy Go Bliss by Andrea Bliss VealeHappy Go Bliss by Andrea Bliss Veale -Happy Go Bliss by Andrea Bliss Veale -Happy Go Bliss Veale -Happy Go Bliss by Andrea Bliss Veale -

Happy Go Bliss by Andrea Bliss Veale -
My Little Monkey

Happy Go Bliss by Andrea Bliss Veale -Happy Go Bliss by Andrea Bliss Veale -Happy Go Bliss by Andrea Bliss Veale -Happy Go Bliss by Andrea Bliss Veale -


Happy Mother’s day to all you Mamas out there!

This year marks my 2nd Mother’s Day as a mother to my daughter. That makes me get all gushy and teary eyed. I still pinch myself every time I really break down the concept that I carried my little Ada in my belly, birthed her, and now for the past year, have been her mother; her nurturer. Anyone that knows me knows that I am an emotional person. I am a big cryer and days like Mother’s day really pull at my heart strings! Just writing these words makes my key board wet…

I am lucky to say that I have many wonderful mother-figures in my life that I am so thankful for – family members, neighbours, friends, and women that I have special bonds and relationships with. Most of the women in my life have made major positive impacts on me, and Mother’s Day is just one of those special days that reminds me of all that. It’s also a day where I think a lot about my mom and want to honour her for everything she is. 

The moment I had Ada was the first time I truly understood how my mom felt, and feels,  about me. The unbreakable love that I have for my daughter is the exact same love that my mom has for me. ❤ 

Mom, thank you for your unconditional love. Thank you for your endless support. Thank you for always answering the phone, calming me down, laughing with me, crying with me, sharing in all my worries, and encouraging me to achieve all my ambitions. Thank you for supporting me as I have become a mother. Becoming a Mom has been hands-down the greatest journey I have ever experienced and ever will. I have you, Mom, to thank for subconsciously and consciously teaching me that it would be. I hope that one day I can be as loving, supporting and there for my daughter, just the same way you have been, and continue to be, for me. 

Ada, know that I love you so much it’s impossible to describe. You make me so happy to be your mother and I am so glad you chose me. You are such a blessing, and being your mom is something I thank God for everyday. I know there will be trying times, that’s inevitable, but I hope you always remember that my love for you is unconditional and I will always be your biggest fan. I am so proud and honoured to be your mom. 

To all you Mama’s out there, know that you really make this world go round! You are what keep your families together, and today is your special day where you are honoured and reminded of all that. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

xoxo Andrea 

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