IMG_0233 2
Only a few days old
Her eyebrows HA!
Fresh out of the tub
‘D’ for Dad!
FullSizeRender (8) copy
My sweet girl
Snoozing on Grandpa’s boat


Lake time
Kelowna wineries
Hiking in the Ergo in Whistler
First ocean swim in Comox
My 6th month shot
Priddis at our friend’s family cabin
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Sleeping in her Yoyo in the British Virgin Islands
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At the lake!
Flowers at the Muttart
Birthday Girl!

WE SURVIVED YEAR ONE!!!! I’m not going to sit here and tell you everything was peaches’n’cream right from the get-go…I could, but that ‘aint me. Like all us Mamas out there know, there are some really high highs, and then some really low lows. Our first year was thankfully more highs than lows – Only 2 trips to the Stollery Children’s Hospital, and only about 15 (ok maybe 20) days where I did not get out of my pyjamas or brush my hair!I cried a lot, thank you hormones and nerves, and there are still days where I really crave my own space, or just to sleep in past 7am. But ultimately I look back and I’m proud of the people and parents we have become. The first year for the first is a big deal in my opinion. Tons of unknowns and there is a lot of guessing and sticking to your gut.

When Ada was first born I really enjoyed our hospital stay. We stayed 2 nights. I enjoyed the nurse support, because let’s face it, I was a fish out of water as a first time Mom. Like wowza! Bringing Ada home was scary. And by the second night we stayed at my Mom’s house! Colin and I were both soooooo exhausted. I kicked my Step-Dad out of his spot, put Ada in between my Mom and I, and that night I saw my Mom in her element. She changed Ada’s diaper with her eyes closed! She swaddled, shhhed, and supported me. She assured me that I was doing everything right. What would we do without our Mom’s?! Ahhh so grateful, she’s literally my best friend!

I think it took me 4 or 5 weeks to get used to my new role; my new level of responsibility. It definitely wasn’t instantaneous as a lot of Mom’s described it to be. It was both mentally and physically shocking becoming a Mom. I had just gone through childbirth, which to me is a very big event all in itself. I now care so deeply about this new, little, helpless being. Pair that with extreme sleep deprivation, crashing hormones, and not knowing if anything I was doing was ‘right’. Man, it was hard. Every peep made me nervous. I would be up with Ada in the middle of the night trying to nurse her and she would just cry, and I would cry with her because I didn’t know what she needed or wanted.

It finally got to the point where she was sleeping longer stretches, which in turn meant that I was sleeping longer stretches. She also started connecting more with me; she starting looking me in the eye, smiling, and cooing. She instantly became less of this cute little blob that only nursed, slept and pooped, and became more of this interactive, sweet little human. It was amazing the feelings I felt. It is amazing the feelings I feel.

I need to give a shout-out to Colin. THANK YOU FOR NOT LEAVING ME! I know there were a few times you wondered where your wife went (I hope I’m 90% back now?) You are my biggest support. You did not freak when I freaked on you. Watching you with Ada is my favourite thing. You are truly such a natural. And your patience is something I envy.

We couldn’t be more grateful for our friends and family! The support and love…I mean. The best! My Dad and Step-Mom would come over in the evenings just to hold Ada so we could get some rest! I soooooo needed someone to just take her and love her so I could re-charge. And I can’t even tell you how many amazing meals we received! Like if you are thinking about gifting a family with a newborn anything, screw the fancy onesie and just bring them food. Seriously – take it from me! Even just cookies go a long way. Cooking was the LAST thing I felt I had time for, which was sad because I really enjoy preparing meals! We shared some incredibly special times with the people we love in those first few days and weeks of bringing her home. Moments I will never forget.

I’m so happy with how much we took advantage of my maternity leave (thank you Canada!) We were able to fit in so much in one year. By the time Ada turned 1 (only 5.5 weeks ago) she had been on 15 flights and traveled to, and within, 3 countries! So proud of our little frequent flyer and traveler. We journeyed to Victoria and Seattle twice, our beautiful cabin in BC a handful of times. We road-tripped to Calgary, Whistler and Comox, and even flew to The British Virgin Islands where we spent Christmas and New Years on a catamaran with my Dad and family. Like what a dream come true! Colin and I LOVE traveling and exploring and are both so happy that Ada is such a trooper on trips.

I have to say that we have been blessed in the sleep department. I know sleep is a big and scary Mama topic, as we all seem to obsess over it (me included). I think I might have to write a separate post on sleep. I’m not an expert and I know I’ve only done it once, AND still doing it I might add, but I did find some methods that really helped me understand what Ada needed to encourage sleep. Stay tuned 🙂 …

Ada has been a mover and a shaker from day one! Anyone that knows us will probably vouch that this is true. She certainly keeps us on our toes. I’ll never forget taking her to my Step-Dad’s Mom’s house for her first Easter dinner and her little 4 week old legs WOULD NOT stop moving like a windmill. She started crawling at 21 weeks while we were at the lake this summer, and took her first steps in our dinning room right before she hit 11 months. Now she will walk our entire neighbourhood street without looking back. Ms. Independent – wonder where she gets that from, Colin?

Her first word was Dada! Colin was so pumped on this. And then Mama, hi, and nono were close to follow. The babbling is soooo fun! I am so looking forward to the many conversations and stories.

Our first year was full of so much…too much to share in just one go so thanks for reading what I did! Check out my Instagram for more pics from our first year with Ada.

xoxo Andrea

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