Hello world! This is my very first post on the blog, and I (we) couldn’t be more excited. I have ALWAYS wanted to start one, but just never had the guts. Although this past week I’ve said ‘screw it, i’m doing it’ and with the support and encouragement from my husband (Colin)…voila! Here ya go. There ya have it. I’m doing it. 

Ok, so now where do I begin…how do I begin…

I feel like I should back track and start in June of 2015 when we found out I was pregnant!! I feel like this is a good starting point because this blog will likely contain most things Ada, our family and what we do. I don’t even know how to explain to you guys the excitement we had when I took that pregnancy test and it read positive. We were blown away; so pumped…but also so nervous and scared. I mean talk about new territory. 

I have to admit that my pregnancy was pretty smooth. In fact, I loved being pregnant! There is something so special about growing a little human inside of you, and I was so proud of that. I understand that a lot of women don’t share the same feelings, but personally I loved it! It didn’t matter how much I gained (45 pounds) or how much the first 3 months sucked (morning sickness), I was growing a baby that Colin and I created and wanted!

Colin and I decided to fully gut and renovate our home once we found out – because there’s no time like the present, right!? We are talking everything down to the studs; moved walls, added bathrooms… that kind of a renovation. I guess it was a little stressful. Colin stopped working to focus solely on the reno and organizing the trades as well as doing a lot of the work himself. We moved into my mom’s house for the last 6 months of my pregnancy to get away from the dust and so that I could use a proper toilet – I’m so thankful for that, and my mom! BUT don’t worry, we moved back into our home exactly 2 weeks before Ada arrived!

We didn’t find out the sex of the baby in my belly. We didn’t know Ada was going to be a girl. Both Colin and I had agreed to this before I got pregnant – in fact I think we agreed to not finding out even before we got married. I loved not knowing and dreaming about what and who this little being was going to be. I don’t think we will find out for any of our babies. We loved the suspense. AND there was nothing like the experience in the hospital after that last push and finding out what that little miracle is! That little miracle that you have been growing for the past 9 (10) months! Bah 

Alright…before I bore you I’ll leave it at that and share some picture that we took throughout my pregnancy. Enjoy

our pregnancy announcement
a little nervous about the reno that’s going on behind me
14 weeks and so proud
On the 6th of September, year 2016, I was 16 weeks and turned 26 years old
19 weeks in Banff, Alberta
Wedding love
20 weeks hiking in Canmore, Alberta
27 weeks
maternity shot, Happy go bliss, bliss, fashion, blogger, lifestyle, andrea bliss veale, pregnant, pregnancy, baby, baby bump, mom to be
one of my fav pictures! 29 weeks shot by Brianna Hughes
maternity shot, Happy go bliss, bliss, fashion, blogger, lifestyle, andrea bliss veale, pregnant, pregnancy, baby, baby bump, mom to be
29 weeks shot by Brianna Hughes
wedding in Tulum, Mexico 30 weeks
31 weeks on the beach in Puerto Morelos, Mexico (babymoon)…I think I burnt my bump
I just love bump bikini pics 31 weeks
42 weeks feeling contractions and passing the time by watching a movie
FullSizeRender (8) copy
last bump pic…I think within the hour this pic was taken we went to the hospital (I was 8 days overdue)

xoxo Andrea

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